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Why Juice?

For your convenience and health. (Also because we care about you). It’s that simple. Here's the logic: Your body needs to consume raw fruits and veggies to be healthy. Drinking them is the most natural and efficient way to make that happen. Here are the facts: More than 95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are found in the juice of raw produce. (Processed foods don't even come close). Here's the conclusion: Compared to processed foods, supplements and/or multivitamins, drinking the right juice is a more natural, reliable, absorbable way to better health. Stay inspired! Understand Juice here!


Is Velish Village organic?

ONE HUNDRED percent...Yes! It's a core part of our mission to provide you with totally certified organic products. We live by the idea that organic fruits and veggies have a higher nutritional value. This means avoiding GMOs and pesticides is really just part of what we do. Why? Because the alternative generally means drinking concentrated pesticides (in the juice world). And pesticides...well...let's just say they don't naturally belong in our bodies or on our precious planet.


What is cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressing fruits and veggies basically means we turn all their nutrients into juice. More specifically, we extract all the liquid without taking away enzymes or breaking down nutrients. Yes, all the original beneficial properties stay intact and essential vitamins and nutrients come together in a tasty, natural juice. (BTW, in comparison, centrifugal juicers can cause oxidation in the produce because the process happens at higher temperatures and reduces benefits. 


How long do your juices last?

Unopened? About a month in the fridge. After opening? It's best to get it in you within three days. Because Velish Village uses pure organic ingredients and no preservatives or additives, it's extra important to check the expiry date stamped on to every bottle. Be sure! Get to know our shelf life guarantees here.


What is HPP?

It's short for High Pressure Processing. Once our juices are comfortably packed in their bottles, we use high pressure (not preservatives or additives) to keep our natural ingredients as fresh as possible for as long as possible. This is how we do it: Each packaged batch of juice is submerged into a pool of cold water. Then we apply thousands of pounds of pressure. (Kinda like how it would be at the deepest part of the ocean). The process seals in the freshness, keeps the richness of all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals and allows them to retain up to 45 days of shelf-life. Cool, eh?


Why do you use plastic bottles for your juice?

Because feasible bioplastic options are not yet available. Don't get us wrong, we get that plastic is not ideal. But it's the best we have to offer right now. Here's why we are (currently) using PET plastic for our juice bottles: It is generally considered the safest single-use plastic; It is recyclable in any blue bin in Canada; It requires fewer logistical resources (like fuel) compared to a heavy glass, and it allows us to use natural HPP technology to increase shelf life (instead of heat or UV light).


What makes Velish Village juices different from others?

Because...what makes you happy, makes us happy! There are many reasons why Velish Village is different. We like to think it's because we care about your overall happiness, not just your convenience or health. This is about the best version of you, after all. It's the same for us. Find out why!


Why do natural juices separate?

It's what all-natural juices do. They separate. Vitamins and minerals are heavier than water, and our juices are crammed full of them. When the fully organic juice sets, the water rises to the top. Just give it a good shake before you crack the lid. It's alllllll good.


How come your juices cost what they do?

High quality costs more. That's pretty much it. You're reading this because you care about what you put in your body. That means the world to us. So, we do everything we can to get you the highest quality natural products available. And our prices reflect that. The process we use, our packaging techniques, our commitment to freshness ... it takes a little more time ... a little more effort ... and a little more budget to make sure your juice has everything you need. For example, it takes about six pounds of organic produce to create one juice! We care about what you put in your body too. See why our juices are different here.


Where is Velish Village juice made?

Proudly in Montréal, Québec. Home is where the heart is, right?! Velish Village is a leading producer and distributor of cold-pressed juice. Each week we hand-pick fruits and vegetables from local suppliers and press them at our production facility in our hometown. It's a lot of work, sure, but you can count on its delivery within 1-2 business days . Oh, it's fresh, for real.


Are your products vegan?

You bet. Velish Village is vegan, organic and plant-loving through and through. All our cold-pressed juices and smoothies are made with fruits, vegetables and nuts. (The only animal by-product we use is raw honey in two of our products. You may also choose to add collagen to your smoothies if you wish.)


Can you fix a problem with my order?

OMG yes. Just let us know what's up, we here to help. It's what we do.


Can I get a weekly juice subscription?

Absolutely. Velish Village offers a weekly, customizable, cold-pressed juice subscription service so you can create your own basket of products with discounted prices. Sign up to be part of the village here.


Can I change-up my subscription?

Of course! Customize your Velish Village subscription as you see fit. Change the frequency, date, your details, the products you's all you. Simply make the change in your 'manage subscription portal' or let us know.


Does Velish Village offer juice cleanses?

Oh baby, do we ever! Velish Village has a full range of juice cleansing programs, designed specifically for to detox the way you want. Get cleansing!


Isn't juice full of sugar?

Not our juice. We're sweet for other reasons. All Velish Village products are completely organic and use only natural, clean ingredients. However, you're right, traditional pasteurized juice does have tons of sugar and none of the all-natural qualities from raw fruits and veggies. We do things differently. Our juice is sweet because we only use naturally-occurring sugar accompanied by vital enzymes and nutrients.. Aaaaaand because our ingredients are designed to combine for flavour, you still get something yummy and satisfying. Oh, BTW, if you are looking to cut down on naturally occurring sugar, we have juices for you too, like Grateful Greens.


How does a juice cleanse work?

A juice cleanse allows your digestive system to start over — kind of like a spa-vacation for your insides while you take care of spring cleaning. It lets you (re)start your relationship unprocessed, whole foods as you take a step back from excess and flush out toxins. The concentrated nutrition of pure, raw juice virtually floods your body with the support it needs to naturally go about the business of restoring the good and eliminating the bad. Each Velish Village cleanse and rejuvenation package is designed to keep you full and your taste buds happy! For more information, click here.


Can Velish Village deliver to my home?

Yep. Delivered within 1 to 2 business days in the Greater Montréal Area as well as Toronto! Fresh, for sure! You will be notified when your order is on its way as well as when it is delivered. Orders arrive in insulated boxes with ice packs so you don’t have to worry if you are not home at the exact time of delivery!


I would like to place a large order for an event, can you help?

We're happy to help with your event! We've done every shape and size. Just drop us a line, we'll be in touch!


What is the goal of Velish Village?

Our goal is to help you live healthier by providing you with the best, most natural food the earth has to offer. Our purpose is to do it simply and with love.