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Velish Village

40 Day Challenge: Ongoing Cleansing


This year, we wanted to offer a fun alternative to the juice cleanse: the 40 Day Challenge, 1 juice a day for 40 days!

What is most important for our health are the little habits we develop and follow every day. This is why we wanted to start the year off with 1 juice a day! This is ongoing cleansing. We are kindly, gently, supporting our body's cleansing process every single day so that we can feel like our most vibrant selves all throughout the year. 

The Line Up -

  • 6 Very Vert
  • 6 Sunrise
  • 6 Green Glory
  • 6 Lemon Drop
  • 3 Beetiful
  • 3 Lavender Lemonade
  • 6 Revive Me
  • 4 Fight Me 


If you’d like to be a part of the challenge but want to customize the juices you receive, order the same value in juices ($380) to your cart and use code CHALLENGE10 for 10% off your customized challenge order.

Shipping: We will ship your order in 2 shipments about 20 days apart to ensure everything is extra fresh!

When to Start: Any day in January you'd like! Just ensure you order 2 business days in advance. 

 Why 40 days? It's takes 40 days to build a new habit, and what better new habit than to incorporate a vibrant nutrient dense juice a day :)

Why this lineup of juices? While green juices are a heavy lifter when it comes to our health, it is also super important for our gut health and overall wellbeing that we incorporate a wide variety of fruits & vegetables that include all the colours of the rainbow!

10 day option: There is an option to order 10 days and see how you feel from there! 

Yep. Delivered within 1 to 2 business days in the Greater Montreal Area as well as in Toronto! That's just one perk of being a part of the Village. 

What does it cost? If your order is more than $100 ... good news, delivery is FREE! 

40 Day Challenge: Ongoing Cleansing



We've got answers!

  • Why Juice?

    For your convenience and health. (Also because we care about you). It’s that simple. Here's the logic: Your body needs to consume raw fruits and veggies to be healthy. Drinking them is the most natural and efficient way to make that happen. Here are the facts: More than 95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are found in the juice of raw produce. (Processed foods don't even come close). Here's the conclusion: Compared to processed foods, supplements and/or multivitamins, drinking the right juice is a more natural, reliable, absorbable way to better health. Stay inspired! Understand Juice here!.

  • Is Velish Village organic?

    ONE HUNDRED percent...Yes! It's a core part of our mission to provide you with totally certified organic products. We live by the idea that organic fruits and veggies have a higher nutritional value. This means avoiding GMOs and pesticides is really just part of what we do. Why? Because the alternative generally means concentrates (in the juice world). And concentrates often include pesticides. And pesticides...well...let's just say they don't naturally belong in our bodies.

  • What makes Velish Village juices different from others?

    Because...what makes you happy, makes us happy! There are many reasons why Velish Village is different. We like to think it's because we care about your overall happiness, not just your convenience or health. This is about the best version of you, after all. It's the same for us. Find out why!

  • Can I get a weekly juice subscription?

    Absolutely. Velish Village offers a weekly, customizable, cold-pressed juice subscription service so you can create your own box of products with discounted prices. Sign up to be part of the village here.