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High-Vibe Food

For the love of your health

From Velish to Velish Village

Velish’s brand name was inspired by the delicious ingredients found in all of our products. But today’s Velish has grown into so much more. It has become a community.
A village we like to say, of likeminded people filled with love and curiosity for all things that enhance their energy, well-being, positivity and oneness.
A village that does not judge, but loves, does not preach, but shares.
A village who seeks progress not perfection.
Velish Village believes that food is a joy that should be enjoyed in abundance, not restricted.

Velish Village exists to provide the best nature has to offer, simply and with love.
By delivering practical, beautiful food products that are the closest thing to homemade.

Welcome to our Village

I'm Sam, the passionate business women, daughter, mother, sister, friend, juicer, green smoothie lover behind Velish Village. It's nice to see you here! I grew up in Montréal around fruits and vegetables and, because of my family's business, I had access to the most beautiful produce I could imagine — every season. I learned at a very young age that true health and wellness can be accessed starting with putting good things in our bodies.

Now, I spend my life on a continuous journey of curiosity about what makes each one of us feel our best, and it's my purpose to share it with you. Thanks for being here and (more importantly) thanks for taking care of your body and your health.

Eating well, since the beginning

Velish came to fruition (pun intended) as a small cold-pressed juice manufacturer in 2014. Turns out, we are not the only ones who want easy access to clean, organic, positively vibrant food. Now we have three retail operations, a comprehensive delivery program (you can even subscribe) and you can find us in your favorite retail outlets (link here).

Our family has been in the business of fruits and vegetables for more than 100 years. For us, it's always been about health, love and wellness. It's always been about community.

It's always been about the Village. Here's how we got where we are now.

Our Purpose

Founder image

Totally organic
cold-pressed juice & fresh products from Montréal, Québec

Is it a sin to eat a burger and fries? Heck no.
You do you. Velish Village is about vulnerability and versatility. We believe in progress, not perfection. We work to crowd out the not-so-great stuff with lots of the good stuff. We love our organic greens, sure, but we love it all! Most importantly, we love the healthy things that make you happy. That's our vibe. That's our food. That's our high-vibe food.

It tastes good

One of the coolest things about clean, raw, natural food is that you can taste its quality. Velish Village products are lovingly made with all-natural produce. Never supplemented. No preservatives. No additives.

Product image
Founder image

It's organic

We make organic products. Actually, it's all we make. Velish Village stands for wellness in all its shapes, sizes and origins. For us, this means you have access to pesticide-free, nutrient-rich food in a way that works for the person you are.

It's really easy

Accessing the pure, healthy ingredients Mother Nature provides should be easy. So, that's exactly what do: Make fresh products with love and put them in your favourite store or deliver them to your door.

Product image

Do it for love 

We're here to help you feel your best — no matter who you are.
And we do the same for our products. That makes us different.

Be good to yourself

First thing's first. Everybody's different. We have different likes and we react differently to food. But, here's the other thing. The stuff inside all-natural organic cold-pressed juice has proven to be radically healing (we like to think it's magical). Here's why:

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Juice eases digestion 

Our juice is stripped of fiber, so you can skip digestion and absorb pure nutrition straight to your cells. Your digestive system works really hard to break down food and access vitamins and minerals. Velish Village juice gives that system a rest.

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Juice heals

Fruits and veggies promote health for all living things. Juicing puts it in a bottle, so you can easily put it in your body — dense with nutrients and the life force of plants. This is Mother Nature's medicine: • Alkalizes your blood cells • Acts as an anti-inflammatory • Helps combats chronic disease • Supports your immune system • Allows your body to rest 

icon image

Juice helps

All you can do is try. Try to be the best version of yourself. Try to treat yourself with respect. Try to believe in yourself. Juice can help. • Provides energy • Helps with weight loss • Boosts hydration of skin, gut, and cells • Helps eliminate bloating

Fuel positivity

What makes a smoothie a smoothie? Well, Velish Village organic smoothies keep the fibre from our whole-fruits and veggies intact. Our juices don't. Hence: Smoothie. 

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Smoothies provide fibre

When it comes to digestive health, elimination and satiation (feeling fuller for longer), fibre does the trick. Yes, this takes a little digestive work (unlike juice), but because of our Velish Village smoothie blends, a lot of that work is already done. Here's a bonus point for fibre: it helps regulate blood sugar levels.

icon image

Smoothies deliver the goods

Think of our smoothies like a (delicious) blended salad. Seriously, we can't think of a better, yummier, more convenient way to get an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and fiber in one sitting. Smoothies are also a great source of hydration for your body. Like all our products, all of our smoothie flavours are plant-based, using absolutely no heat, UV light, or any preservatives.

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Smoothies are great for kids, too

Lunchbox. On-the-go. Let's get it done, right?! Smoothies are great snacks to keep kids full in a healthy way. We purposely included sources of healthy fat in all of our smoothies, as it's so important to any child’s brain development. Velish Village very much includes children in our process and all we do. Providing a base of health and nutrition for our kids means so much. For us, this is what positive progress looks like.

The perfect partner

Organic, soothing, plant-based and nutrient-dense, Velish Village soups complement our products like Robin does Batman in your nourishing, dairy-free universe. They help with hydration, keep the belly full, supercharge the immune system and ward off toxic villains with disease-fighting nutrients. It's hard to deny the comforting reliability of a superfood sidekick.

The Velish Village granola

Although these satisfying, fibre-rich clusters are an ideal snack by themselves, they can find a happy home, well, anywhere (except in the processed food aisle). Lunch boxes or cereal bowls. As a yogurt topper or smoothie companion. Gosh, even put some in your pocket! Velish Village granola is a glorious merger of satisfaction, sweetness and nourishment.  

Stock up with confidence

In the business of freshness, we get that timing is super important — whether you're planning your store shelves or your own diet. Every Velish Village product has a shelf-life guarantee for that very reason. Sure, most of our products will be good for longer, but we recommend you stand by the Velish Village shelf-life guarantee stamped on our bottles. Here's a snapshot of what that looks like:


Cold-Pressed Juices10 days
Immunity Shots10 days
Oat Milks3 days
Velish Petit Smoothies10 days
Soups5 days

Like you, we just want to make healthy eating as easy (and fresh) as possible! 

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